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Dear User.

The browser on your computer is configured to not accept cookies.
The Signe information management system uses cookies, which makes it necessary to reconfigure your system.

If you experience any difficulties or do not wish to modify your system settings, please contact us for further assistance, using the phone numbers of the back page.

Please take the following steps to reconfigure your browser and access the Restricted Area of the Celebrando a Vida site:

1 - Click on "Tools"
2 - Select "Options"
3 - Click on "Security"
4 - Click on "Zone Settings"
5 - Click on "Trusted Sites"
6 - In the "Add this Web site to the Zone" box type in
7 - Click on "OK"
8 - Click on "OK"
9 - Click on "OK" to close the screen.

Esta configuração não trará nenhum risco nem prejuízo ao seu sistema.